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What You Need to Know About the Sequester

From National Federation of Republican Women Political Briefing

Week of February 14, 2013

What is the sequester? The sequester was an idea brought forth by the Obama administration during debt ceiling talks involving the “super committee” of 2011.  The sequester was the administration’s threat over the super committee to bring about budget cuts of 1.2 trillion dollars over …

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Let me paint you a not-so-pretty picture:

November elections are over. Congress convenes for Lame Duck Session between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bush tax cuts are set to expire 12/31/2012. President Obama has promised to veto any extensions of Bush tax cuts on the wealthy. Republicans must either accept a compromise allowing a tax …

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Is this Wall Street or Las Vegas Blvd?

$400 on Big Red – am I buying a share of Apple or placing an all or nothing craps
bet? The past couple months have felt like a rough night at the craps table –
win lose win lose – makes you want to pull out and hit the bar! I bought my
first stock and placed my first …

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Guest Blog: Is the Fairtax a Solution?

A month ago I was introduced to the FairTax and became an instant fan.  Imagine taking home 100% of your paycheck – no federal taxes, social security, or medicare withholding.  Instead, you are taxed only on the new goods and services you consume.  So yes, this makes everyone a stakeholder in the money sent to our …

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What to Do with Your Investments in a Roller Coaster Market

What is going on!?

A few weeks ago, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), one of the big three credit rating agencies, placed the United States’ debt on negative credit watch, meaning our nation’s debt was under review for a possible downgrade. Then, last week, Congress and President Obama signed a debt reduction deal and raised the debt …

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