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How to Throw a Fabulous Holiday Party on a Budget

I love to entertain, especially during the holidays while my Christmas tree is up and the house is warm and inviting. However, hosting parties can be expensive, and it is so easy to overspend on food and decorations. So tonight, I ventured out to Walmart on the night before Thanksgiving (not recommended!) to see if …

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Tis the season for shopping! Are you one of those people who are already finished Christmas shopping or are you like me waiting until the absolute last day I can ship before Christmas without having to pay extra for speedy delivery? Regardless, it is easy to overspend and buy hasty, unexciting gifts because you didn’t …

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Guest Blog: Is the Fairtax a Solution?

A month ago I was introduced to the FairTax and became an instant fan.  Imagine taking home 100% of your paycheck – no federal taxes, social security, or medicare withholding.  Instead, you are taxed only on the new goods and services you consume.  So yes, this makes everyone a stakeholder in the money sent to our …

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Financial Priorities for New Graduates

You’ve done it graduate – passed all your classes, despite all your partying, and got a sheepskin for your wall! Now it is time to get a job and start contributing to society (maybe after a quick trip to Europe!) But wait, before you go squander your new paycheck on fill in the blank, what …

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How much house can I REALLY afford?

Post financial crisis people are really questioning how much house they can really afford. Before 2008, loose lending standards caused many homebuyers to buy much more house than they could truly afford. Now lenders are so tight that if you are not a cookie cutter loan applicant you may struggle to get a loan. So …

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